Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood
by Melissa Kruger

Being a Mom is hard and being a Mom is glorious. There is great joy in being entrusted by God with the care of our children and yet with that care comes many challenges. Pouring our lives into our children requires a steady stream of selflessness and love which exposes our own constant need of God’s grace and mercy in our lives. Where do we turn to for refreshment and nourishment as Moms. In her book “Walking with God in the season of Motherhood” Melissa Kruger comes alongside you as a Mother understanding firsthand the challenges you are facing and using God’s Word brings encouragement and challenge. She lays out in eleven chapters what it looks like to walk with God during this special season of our lives dealing with what it looks like to walk in faith, wisdom and love. Each chapter is broken down into five separate days, the first four days of each weeks focus on various passages of Scripture designed to increase our love for God and understanding of who He is. The fifth day is more of a devotional summary summarizing what was learned throughout the week. The book includes Scripture already written out making this book great for Moms on the go. Melissa summarizes well that “in the midst of my weaknesses, I need the soul strengthening refreshment that can come only from time spent with Jesus.” The task of being a Mom is too great to face alone, we need God’s help and we need the nourishment that comes from time spent with our heavenly Father.

Reviewed by Jenna Parker

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