Inheritance of Tears
by Jessalyn Hutto

In order to trust God when His will is difficult to accept, we must know who he is. To rest in his difficult providences, we must have confidence in his character. (Inheritance of Tears, pg. 44)

Having gone through multiple miscarriages herself, Jessalyn Hutto understands the very real pain and sorrow of miscarriage. However, in her book Inheritance of Tears, she resists the temptation to linger very long on the many emotions and experiences that surround the loss of a precious little one still in the womb. Instead, in a personal and compassionate way, she directs her readers to lift up their eyes to beyond their circumstances and see their God. Jessalyn takes her readers to Scripture—back to the garden of Eden—to explain why there is suffering in this life; she then discusses God’s greater purposes for suffering in the believer‘s life. Over and over again, she encourages her readers to find their comfort and strength in knowing God and His character, for He is the One who is always good, sovereign, loving, and trustworthy, no matter the pain He allows His children to go through because of living in a sin-cursed world. Finally, Jessalyn reminds believers of their ultimate hope of eternal joy and glory in the presence of the Savior.

The pain of miscarriage and infant loss does not soon go away (if it ever does,) but Inheritance of Tears may help those going through the pain to see beyond the pain and behold their God more clearly than they did before.

Reviewed by Angie Stanley

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