Household Gods
by Ted & Kristin Kluck

In the midst of a Christian subculture that idolizes families, an evangelical history of overcelebrating families, and a secular culture that overprograms families, one American family identifies the danger they’re in the midst of and embarks on a radical adventure. Household Gods offers an examination of the culture that spawned family idolatry and the steps we can take to flee this idolatry and escape to the Cross.

It’s time to free your family . . . and free yourself.
When we look to our families to give us significance and fulfillment . . .
When we elevate and worship our families when they succeed . . .
When we feel devastated if our families fall short of the Joneses . . .

We have a problem.

We call it family idolatry. It’s a blight that affects families everywhere who search for their identities in sporting events, theater productions, classrooms, churches, or anywhere other than through the One who created them. There’s an ever-present sense of failing or falling short that families just can’t seem to escape.

It’s time to expose and throw away our household gods once and for all. Join authors Ted and Kristin Kluck as they examine the culture that spawned family idolatry and lead you through the steps you can take to flee its traps and escape to the Cross.

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