The primary way that pastors lead, equip, and serve the church is through their preaching and teaching. As pastors, our first desire is to be personally affected by the Word of God and to apply it to our own lives. We take very seriously our calling to “rightly divide” the Word of God and preach it in a way that is engaging, understandable, and practical for the benefit of the Church.

Advent 2019

Andreas Köstenberger recently wrote, “A day as significant as Christmas warrants an Advent of four weeks of preparation and enjoyment. We will marvel for eternity over the coming of God himself to save his people from their sins, and Advent’s four weeks of awe are a good place to start.” Join us as we explore the aspects of our Lord’s incarnation and stand in awe of its wonder.

Why I Love the Church

The Church of Jesus Christ is unique from every other entity on the face of this earth. Unlike the organizations and social structures of humanity, the church is the living organism of God, the means He has chosen in this world to manifest and declare His glory through the gospel. The church is made up of men and women from every nation, from all tribes and people and languages, called out from the world by God’s sovereign election to be His own and to bear witness to the testimony of His glory and grace.

Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her, setting the example for His followers to follow. This sacrificial love and ministry is best manifested and best carried out in the local setting of the saints gathering. To love the church is to love brothers and sisters in Christ, with whom we worship and serve and with whom we share our lives.

This short series explores the Scripture’s teachings and its application to real life for those who claim to love the church.

John 17

In His kindness, the Lord has given access to His communion with His Father just hours before His arrest and crucifixion. In so doing, we learn the things that are of great importance to Him. These matters include His desire that the Father and the Son be glorified, His disciples to be sanctified and His church to live in unity.

There is much that can be learned about a person when observing them in prayer. This short series observes Jesus, apart from the crowds, His disciples and the busyness of life. Here we observe Jesus alone with His Father, preparing for the storm of sins onslaught and the full weight of God’s wrath.

Resurrection 2019

With the celebration of Christ’s resurrection in view, these two studies explore first, the remarkable realities the cross of Christ reveals and second, the Scripture’s affirmation of the crucifixion within the hearts of God’s people. Nothing takes place outside of God’s sovereign oversight, therefore understanding His heart and His mind as revealed in His Word will benefit the believer in his life and worship in this world..”

The desired end for this study is that the gospel, as revealed in the resurrection of Christ will be clearly declared and understood and that it will lead to thanksgiving to the Father.

Guest Speakers

Calvary is often blessed to have men of God passing through Hot Springs who are willing to share with us from the Word of God. These are a few who joined us.


Martin Luther wrote, “This letter is truly the most important piece in the New Testament. It is purest Gospel. It is well worth a Christian’s while not only to memorize it word for word but also to occupy himself with it daily, as though it were the daily bread of the soul. It is impossible to read or to meditate on this letter too much or too well. The more one deals with it, the more precious it becomes and the better it tastes.” The desired end for this study is that the gospel, God’s revealed righteousness will grow in its preciousness to His people and that it will be nourishment for their souls.

Blessed Assurance

In this brief study of Colossians we discover that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ, therefore as the Christian matures in spiritual understanding and knowledge he not only enjoys the confident expectation of what is yet to come, he also enjoys experientially all the riches of full assurance of what is true in the present, that in Christ he has been made complete.