Why I Love the Church

The Church of Jesus Christ is unique from every other entity on the face of this earth. Unlike the organizations and social structures of humanity, the church is the living organism of God, the means He has chosen in this world to manifest and declare His glory through the gospel. The church is made up of men and women from every nation, from all tribes and people and languages, called out from the world by God’s sovereign election to be His own and to bear witness to the testimony of His glory and grace.

Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her, setting the example for His followers to follow. This sacrificial love and ministry is best manifested and best carried out in the local setting of the saints gathering. To love the church is to love brothers and sisters in Christ, with whom we worship and serve and with whom we share our lives.

This short series explores the Scripture’s teachings and its application to real life for those who claim to love the church.