Missions is a partnership in the gospel between the local church and those who serve around the world. Calvary is privileged to partner with some who serve in the United States and many who serve in foreign countries. Some are directly involved in church planting and others indirectly through support ministries. Laboring together the gospel is proclaimed both near and far. Take a few moments to learn about and pray for our missionaries.


Argentina, Sasha & Maria Silvia Rasmussen


Sasha and his wife Maria Silvia are missionaries, serving in Córdoba, Argentina. Sasha spent a good part of his life in Boise, Idaho before God called him to the mission field of Argentina. Sasha and Maria Silvia, a native Argentinian met as Sasha served in ministry. The Rasmussens minister to students and young adults, making disciples and equipping for the work of the ministry. Sasha also oversees the church’s music ministry. Sasha and Maria Silvia recently had their first baby, Isabella, and are overwhelmed daily by God’s grace and gift to them through her. We are excited about what God is doing in and through Sasha to reach the youth in Córdoba.
Here is a short video clip of the ministry in Córdoba, Argentina
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Baptist Youth Mission, Mike & Sandy Holmes


After realizing his need for a Savior, Mike Holmes was saved in a barnyard in Kansas. He then went on to formal education where he obtained B.A. in Church Ministries and a minor in Youth Work; Mike also has two A.S. degrees in Animal Husbandry. He spent 4 years ministering with a summer evangelism ministry before becoming a youth pastor in Colorado, resigning after two years to start Baptist Youth Mission which was founded in 1988. BYM is a ministry of their local church that provides youth related services, as well as training and support to independent Baptist churches. Mike and Sandy were married in 1984 and are the parents of 4 boys. They live in Sinclair, WY, where the BYM is based.
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Brazil, Ellie Driesinga

Ellie chose to follow Christ at the age of 15 after realizing she didn’t have the peace and joy a believer should have. During her years at Cornerstone Bible Institute, Ellie came to a willingness to serve wherever the Lord would lead. This turned out to be Brazil Gospel Fellowship who she has been serving with since 1999. She arrived for her first term in 2002 and has served in several areas of ministry during her time there. She first taught English at a Christian school before moving on to language school, since then she has been involved in deaf ministries, camping ministries, teaching Sunday School and children’s programs, discipleship, Bible studies, teaching English as a second language, working as field treasurer, helping in a church plant, and dorm mom. This most recent term she has made the move to southern Brazil and, along with coworkers, is helping in a church plant that is now underway.
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Brazil, Jon & Denielle Johnson

Both Jonathan and Denielle grew up in Christian homes where their parents taught them about Jesus Christ, salvation and ministry. Jonathan had the privilege of spending four years of his life in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa when his family served with New Tribes Mission. God began to prepare their hearts for overseas missions while they attended Cornerstone Bible Institute in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Jon, Denielle and daughter, ElliAnna, moved to Fortaleza, CE at the end of 2008 with Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. Carter was born in 2010. Jon and Denielle call Calvary Baptist Church their home church. Jon and Denielle work on a church planting team on the northern edge of the Porto Alegre metropolitan area in Brazil’s southern most state, Rio Grande do Sul. Evangelistic Bible studies, planning and coordinating church events, preaching, developing relationships, discipleship, teaching and training make up their ministry portfolio. During a typical ministry week they meet to disciple various couples and individuals, teach a Bible studies in homes and at church, work with youth, provide training in teaching and music ministry, among other duties. ElliAnna, Carter, and Noella Susan are our greatest responsibility and provide our greatest joys and challenges. We understand that God has given us our children to be our ministry and to be involved in our ministry.
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Cornerstone Bible Institute, Ruth Haynie

Born in 1954, Ruth Haynie began her teaching career by ‘playing school’ with her siblings. As the daughter of a pastor she began teaching toddlers in church at the age of 14. Ruth went on to earn a BA in Diversified Education, a life teaching credential (California), and an MA in English as a Second Language. She served both in Haiti and Bolivia as a missionary school teacher. Her teaching experience ranges from elementary school to adult education, she has been ministering at Cornerstone Bible Institute since its inception in 1994. Ruth has a love of teaching and loves training others how to teach as well.
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France, Tom & Brenda Guffey

Tom and Brenda serve with Greater Europe Mission at the Camp of the Peaks in France. The purpose of the camp is to build the church in France by providing a refuge for God to save the lost and strengthen the found. Tom is an accomplished potter whose work and skill have been used as a tool in a country where artists are greatly admired. He first went to Camp of the Peaks in 1979 and knew he would one day return full time. Brenda is a certified elementary and special education teacher. Her cooking skills have greatly helped their ministry at the camp as she oversees the organization and cooking of meals. They have three children, Terah, Rhea and Noah.
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Germany (Wittenberg), Paul & Chelli Sudbrock

From a very young age Paul knew God was calling Him to the mission field of Germany. During his freshman year at Baptist Bible College he met Chelli, the woman he would marry and who would, in March of 1995, be beside him for their first term as missionaries to Germany. Their first term they focused on learning the language and since then have assisted in many works. They currently serve in the city of Wittenberg, the very same town that God had impressed upon Paul’s heart many years before when reading a book about Martin Luther. The Sudbrock have been blessed with 4 children; Skyler, Samantha, Serenity, and Sadie. They serve as independent, fundamental Baptists as part of the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.
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Ghana, Andrew Johnson

Medical Church Planting, Greg & Linda Waller

Greg and Linda, along with their son, Timothy, have a unique ministry serving under Truth for Today Baptist Mission. Both Greg and Linda came to know the Lord in their youth but did not serve Him diligently until years later. Greg is a medical doctor and Linda is a nurse; both were established in a successful medical practice when the Lord began dealing with them about foreign missions. They served for 7 years on the mission field of Guyana, South America where they started a church is a remote village using their medical skills, as well as traditional means, to get the work going. After complications with their visas they began a new ministry of worldwide church planting. Operation Renewed Hope sets up medical clinics around the world for the purpose of evangelism and church planting. They have seen the Lord bless greatly with this unique ministry.
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Mexico, Missionary Aviation, Bryon & Sandy Brock

Having both come to know the Lord at a young age, Bryon and Sandy were also challenged to surrender to full-time missions. They met in Wyoming at Frontier School of the Bible and married in 1983. Bryon began missionary pilot training, but they struggled with their call to missions and tried to get comfortable serving in their local church. After yielding once again to the Lord he opened the door for them to serve with United Indian Mission International. It is a church planting mission with ministries in Canada, Mexico, and the US. Having served with UIM for over 12 years, Bryon is now the Aviation Director. They serve many missionaries in remote, dangerous areas as it is becoming increasingly unsafe due to the drug cartel and the Mexican authorities. Bryon and Sandy have 4 children and base their ministry in Tucson, AZ.
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Mexico, Ron Winter

Saved while in college, Ron was saved out of a Lutheran background that did not have the truth. Due to the influence of a Christian friend he memorized Scripture and realized the truth. Once saved he began to attend a Baptist church and soon knew that the Lord was leading him into full time service. He graduated from Baptist Bible College as did his wife, Connie. Raised in a Christian home and saved at a young age, Connie has always been involved in all areas of the ministries they have been involved in since. The Winters first served as a co-pastor in Fulton, MO, where the Lord began to speak to them about missions. After taking groups on missions trips to Mexico they eventually moved there to begin planting churches. They continue to serve as an extension of First Baptist Church but have has some serious health issues to deal with this past year. They were blessed with 4 children who were all saved at an early age after being led to the Lord by their parents.
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Mozambique, Arnie & Rubenita Johnson

Philippines, Walter & Cheryl Spicer


Serving at Faith Academy, one of the largest missionary kid school in the world, Walter and Cheryl Spicer have been with New Tribes Mission since 1988. Both attended Calvary Bible College in Missouri, Cheryl graduating with a degree in both Bible and Missionary Nursing and Walter also with a double major in Bible and Secondary Education. He is also certified to help students with learning difficulties. They were challenged in the area of missions during their years in college and joined New Tribes Mission after that. Walter is the middle school vice principal and teacher, and Cheryl is one of the school nurses. They are also very busy with after-school activities which help make school fun. Faith Academy, located in Manila, has a vital role in the evangelization of Southeast Asia. Walter and Cheryl have 5 children that they feel blessed to raise.
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Rural Home Missions: Lyman, NE Jeff & Nickie Robinson

Tanzania, Neil & Rachelle Kunnari

My wife and I became interested in cross cultural work during our time at Bible school. It was there that we attended conferences and met some people involved in such work. We then realized these folks were just normal people who gave their lives to God to be used in a cross cultural setting. After finishing school, our interest continued to grow, so we went on a short term trip to West Africa. There we caught a glimpse of what God is doing through His universal body. The highlight of our trip was listening to the stories of some of the believers there. Many of them had given up much when they accepted Christ, but they had no regrets, only joy! These stories could not have occurred if the Body had not sent workers out of their own culture and into another. An example of this is found in Philippians 2:5-11. Knowing what Christ has done for us, my wife and I want to share this news with those who have never heard!
Here is a Video Update (password: Two years) Neil & Rachelle made in March of 2017.
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Uganda, Lawrence & Rebecca Lantz


Lawrence and Rebecca Lantz became BIMI missionaries in 2002 and have served in Uganda since Aug. 2005. They are being sent through Valley Forge Baptist Temple in Collegeville, PA.
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Here is a video update from the fall of 2017

Ukraine, Holly Friesen


God blessed me with godly parents who instructed me in God’s Word from the time I was small and modeled for me lives dedicated to serving God. I was saved at the age of four and at the age of thirteen committed my life to missions. I am a part of a team of missionaries working in southern Ukraine and live in the city of Odessa. The goal of ABWE in Ukraine is to strengthen the existing church, and to facilitate a church planting movement that will ultimately lead to a missions movement. One of the avenues we use to reach this goal is the mobile clinic ministry that holds monthly clinics in areas where national pastors and evangelists are working to start churches. Working alongside Dr. Miriam Wheeler, I am currently involved on a regular basis in 10 villages. As a nurse practitioner I have been able to assist in seeing and treating patients. This has provided me with many opportunities to share the hope of salvation with my patients and to encourage the believers in these villages. God has also given me a burden for pro-life ministry. While in Peru I saw how effective pro-life ministry can be as an evangelistic and discipleship tool. We plan to open a pregnancy care center in Odessa within the next couple of years. Our desire is that this ministry will be used not only to save the lives of the unborn, but also to introduce their families to the Savior! As we partner with local churches in starting this ministry, we pray that it will become an effective tool in strengthening and growing the churches.

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Uruguay, Belinda Spilman

Wales, UK, J.A. & Pam Richards

J.A. and Pam Richards were both born in the State of Kansas in the USA. After meeting, marrying, and managing to have three children they surrendered to God’s call in Nov. 1984 to work for the Lord on a fulltime basis. After graduating from Baptist Bible College in 1988 and surrendering to God’s call to Wales they have worked in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, Bassaleg (Newport), Penarth and Cardiff. In June of 2005 J.A. became the Oversight Pastor at Cornwall Street Baptist Church.
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