Missions is a partnership in the gospel between the local church and those who serve around the world. Calvary is privileged to partner with some who serve in the United States and many who serve in foreign countries. Some are directly involved in church planting and others indirectly through support ministries. Laboring together the gospel is proclaimed both near and far. Take a few moments to learn about and pray for our missionaries.

Brazil, Ellie Driesinga

Ellie Driesenga is serving in southern Brazil with Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. Ellie has been in Brazil since 2002. She first taught English at a Christian school before moving on to language school. Since then she has been involved in deaf ministries, camping ministries, Sunday School and children’s programs, discipleship, Bible studies, teaching English as a second language, working as field treasurer, helping in a church plant, and a dorm mom. She now lives in southern Brazil and, along with coworkers, is helping in a church plant.

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Brazil, Jon & Denielle Johnson

Both Jonathan and Denielle grew up in Christian homes where their parents taught them about Jesus Christ, salvation and ministry. Jonathan had the privilege of spending four years of his life in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa when his family served with New Tribes Mission. God began to prepare Jon and Denielle’s hearts for overseas missions while they attended Cornerstone Bible Institute in Hot Springs, South Dakota. Jon, Denielle and daughter, ElliAnna, moved to Fortaleza, CE at the end of 2008 with Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. Carter and Noella have since been born. Evangelistic Bible studies, planning and coordinating church events, preaching, developing relationships, discipleship, teaching and training make up their ministry portfolio. During a typical ministry week they meet to disciple various couples and individuals, teach a Bible studies in homes and at church, work with youth, provide training in teaching and music ministry, among other duties. They share, ‘ElliAnna, Carter, and Noella Susan are our greatest responsibility and provide our greatest joys and challenges. We understand that God has given us our children to be our ministry and to be involved in our ministry.’

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Cornerstone Bible Institute, Ruth Haynie

Ruth Haynie began her teaching career by ‘playing school’ with her siblings. As the daughter of a pastor she began teaching toddlers in church at the age of 14. Ruth went on to earn a BA in Diversified Education, a life teaching credential (California), and an MA in English as a Second Language. She served both in Haiti and Bolivia as a missionary school teacher. Her teaching experience ranges from elementary school to adult education, she has been ministering at Cornerstone Bible Institute since its inception in 1994. Ruth has a love of teaching and loves training others how to teach as well.

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France, Tom & Brenda Guffey

Tom and Brenda Guffey live in France and serve with Greater Europe Mission in a year-round camp ministry at Camp des Cimes (Camp of the Peaks). They have three adult children live both in the USA and in France. They are praising God that, though they recently lost a friend who lived near the camp, the camp has been able to purchase their friend’s building and property to expand living quarters for staff and room for activities. Tom’s birthday is June 30 and Brenda’s birthday is 9/06. Tom and Brenda’sanniversary is February 20.

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Ghana, Andrew Johnson

Andrew is spending the next year in Ghana, working and teaching alongside national believers to help in the absence of the long-term missionaries that will be gone on furlough. Andrew’s long-term goal is to return to Ghana and serve in the capacity of aviation and discipleship.

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Mozambique, Arnie & Rubenita Johnson

Arnie and Rubenita Johnson are living and serving, with their daughter Joanna, among the Mayinddo people in Micaune, Mozambique. Arnie and Rubenita’s work, aside from discipleship, is to learn the language, make it into a written language and then translate the Bible. This will also include teaching literacy as the work progresses. This year (2019), Arnie’s family has gone through the work of moving back into the village after being gone for a while, going through the hoops of renewing visas and being able to celebrate the translation of the New Testament into the Elolo language. Arnie and Rubenita ask for prayer that they would be bringing God glory where He has placed them. Their birthdays are as follows: Arnie, August 15; Rubenita, November 7; Joanna, October 9.

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Tanzania, Neil & Rachelle Kunnari

Neil and Rachelle Kunnari and their son, Micah serve in Tanzania through Ethnos360. While they have been doing a lot of language and culture study and relationship building over the past few years, the family has also been taking several survey trips to area villages to see where they will move next. After awaiting approval for their new visas, they are finally heading back in June of 2019. They ask for prayer for wisdom for the survey team as they decide where the greatest needs are. They ask for prayer for themselves as they wait in some uncertainty about when and what their return to Tanzania will look like. You can check out their blog at neelandchellesblog.weebly.com. Neil and Rachelle celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 16. Their birthdays are as follows: Neil, June 19; Rachelle, March 18 and Micah, January 17.

Here is a Video Update (password: Two years) Neil & Rachelle made in March of 2017.
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Ukraine, Holly Friesen


Holly is living and serving in Odessa, Ukraine. She holds medical clinics in rural villages, using these contacts with people to share the gospel. Holly recently took on new responsibilities as director of the medical ministry. She also serves as President of a pregnancy help center called Choose Life. She is thankful for a wonderful ministry team in both of these ministries that help to make this time of transition easier. Holly asks for prayer that she will consistently seek God first and discern His will throughout this new year of ministry. Holly also asks for prayer for a new clinic ministry started in Zarya as well as for another doctor to join their team full time. Holly also expressed a need for volunteers to work with their pro-life ministry. You can follow along with updates from Holly on her FaceBook Group, HollyFriesen in Ukraine. Holly’s birthday is May 29.

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Uruguay, Belinda Spilman

Belinda shares, “I came to know the Lord as my Savior around the age of 9 through the American Sunday School Union.  The small Sunday School that was in my area had to close when I was around 11 years old.  I did not start going to church after that until I was 16 when my sister and I started attending Grace Baptist Church in Commerce City, Colorado.  It was at that time I responded to the Lord, telling Him I was willing to go where He wanted me to go and do what He wanted me to do.  I have never regretted that.

After graduating from High School, I attended Western Bible Collage in Morrison, Colorado graduating with a Biblical Education Mayor and a Missions Minor.  In 1977 I joined Biblical Ministries Worldwide and arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay in January 1980.  

Over the last almost 40 years I have been involved in church planting in Uruguay.  Until 3 years ago my ministry was for most part in Montevideo.  It was then that I moved to the small town of San Jacinto.  I continue to work in church planting alongside Tim and Kary Willoughby where we right now we are reaching out to 3 different small towns along Route 7: San Jacinto, San Ramon and Tala.

I continue to work in the ministry with Aptas para Servir (Ladies Able to Serve), assisting local churches to train their ladies to serve in their churches.  And also in the Facultad de Educación Biblica de Uruguay (FEBU  Collage of Biblical Education of Uruguay) where I teach three Women’s Discipleship, Women in Ministry and Pedagogy.”  

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